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Meet the Mont Vernon Artisans!

The Mont Vernon Artisans’ next upcoming show will be in November 2009.

Who are we?

The Mont Vernon Artisans are artists and makers of fine craft, both amateur and professional, who are residents of the town of Mont Vernon. We are passionate about our work and engaged in supporting and learning from each other. We represent many media in our work:

  • Creative Arts
  • Fiber
  • Fine Crafts and Fine Arts
  • Glass
  • Graphic Arts
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Pen and Ink Drawing
  • Photo and Video Arts
  • Pottery
  • Silversmithing
  • Wood

We welcome any and all Mont Vernon residents at any stage of their practice – beginners, hobbyists, life-time professionals – all have value for the energy and mission of the MVA. We host events that give our members an opportunity to show and sell their work, notably the annual Show on Veterans’ Day weekend in conjunction with NH Open Doors, and at the town’s Spring Gala in mid-May. We also participate in events that support other town organizations, to celebrate the presence of art and fine craft in the community.

What is the purpose of the Mont Vernon Artisans?
Our Mission is to share experiences and information with respect to our lives as artists and artisans, and to make Mont Vernon a destination for artists, students, and collectors, built on a reputation of fine craftsmanship and generosity of spirit.

Why and when do we meet?
Our meetings are designed to carry out the primary mission of the MVA, as we listen to each other‛s experiences, learn about new opportunities and events, share practical information, and plan ways of bringing art into the community.

We welcome you!
Come to a meeting if you have any desire to be part of such a community, and to listen, learn, and contribute to the mission and spirit of the Mont Vernon Artisans.

The Mont Vernon Artisans meet the second Monday of the month, Sept – Nov, and Feb- June at 7:30 p.m. in the Daland Library. Other meetings are scheduled as needed to accommodate events and issues important to the group.

How to contact?

Email: mvartisans14@gmail.com

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